LPOS Address:


Well performing Forging Node! fast server and secure!

Current nodes height: .

Pool has been upgraded! 100% MRT payout and check out the Waves Balances Checker

Providing a stable Waves Node for the world on the fastest internet exchange in Amsterdam.
Managed by senior programmers, helping the community on slack :-)
You can use this node for LPOS, lease to: 3PEFQiFMLm1gTVjPdfCErG8mTHRcH2ATaWa.
need help? questions?: bearwaves@outlook.com, or contact w0utje in slack
100% of all the fees and 100% of MRT will be shared.
75% of MRT is shared every week by leasing, 25% of MRT is shared by holding BearWaves $BEAR asset.
Leasers will receive 1 $BEAR every week with the payout of the leases.
Giving support, creating scripts and fixing bugs around Waves.
fees accepted: Waves, upcoin, WBTC, Ripto Bux, Mercury, Incent, MRT, B@nkcoin.
Payout will be done every thursday. Check an update of your current leased fee's (and counting) over here: Check the list
The pool has been upgraded! every leasing will get his portion because pool does not take any fees!

It's not a wave, it's a tsunami!

Please feel free to contribute & donate

BTC: 14pLAAoaY64PoieWaLw4Kjb3cEtg4eKkee