Well performing Forging Node since 2016! fast server and secure!

Providing a stable Waves Node for the world on the fastest internet exchange in Amsterdam.
Managed by senior programmers, helping the community on discord:-)
You can use this node for LPOS, lease to: 3PEFQiFMLm1gTVjPdfCErG8mTHRcH2ATaWa.
need help? questions?: bearwaves@outlook.com, or contact w0utje in discord
$BEAR asset.
Leasers will receive $BEAR every week with the payout of the leases.
fees accepted: Waves, upcoin, WBTC, Ripto Bux, Mercury, Incent, MRT, B@nkcoin, Wagerr.
Payout will be done every thursday. Check an update of your current leased fee’s in the revenue section.

The pool has been upgraded! every leasing will get his portion because pool does not take any fees!

Ambassador address (WavesRewardToken): 3PLD6igRx2KjWP8hcF8AqnHKSgAo4TojFZk

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Ambassador w0utje

Running multiple (testnet) nodes
(Embedded) Software Engineer
Scripting & Sys admin
Waves enthusiastic

BearWaves Full node
Riding on Waves
w0utje#6131 in discord