BearWaves provides a leasing pool to secure the Waves blockchain by generating blocks.

Lease address: 3PEFQiFMLm1gTVjPdfCErG8mTHRcH2ATaWa

How it works

Every Waves wallet address has a balance and a generating balance. Full nodes need this generating balance to get a higher chance in generating Waves blocks. The node will forge an amount of blocks depending on their generating balance and it’s share in the networks’ total generating balance.
Each person can lease their generating balance of their address to the leasing pool, giving the pool a bigger generating balance and earning the fee’s in the generated blocks.
Fee’s earned by the node are automatically shared with the leasers by their shared generating power.
90% of the fee’s are shared as well as 75% of the Miners’ Reward (MRT).
25% of the MRT is shared among BearWaves asset holders (BearHolders).

MRT isn’t distributed anymore by Waves’ team since december 19th 2017.

Earnings generated by doing services are also shared with the BearHolders.

If you’re interested in any of the services, feel free to contact.